Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Wall of Society

Twenty eight years, I blocked out all my voices
I swallowed my fears and shunned all the noises
Silence cries in my mind…oh these poises, fake poises
Ode to these walls of red-bricks, how dare I make my choices?

The walls are high and wide, with the edges sharp as a knife
Sun on the other side is bright, causing the shadow to be casted over my life  
Far away I see lonely souls trying to jump over the wall, causing strife
Their misery is a joke, the black shadow of the wall jive!

Until today, the ‘norm’ was a brick of concrete, red bricks made me feel complete
Years of pain flooded in my brain, oh no how can I leave this backseat   
Nix these cracks in the wall, sunlight and darkness should not compete
Head spinning and heart pounding, oh no stop, shutdown, delete!

Steady pull inside my brain
In one corner I seek love, in another I bake guilt and pain
What do I do? Oh these shackles of restrain
The wall angered me. What audacity do I have to complain?

Respect denied, trust betrayed, scars in unseen ways
A joke, a game, a battle for prestige, emotion outweighs
I scream with anguish, oh this ugly maze
No matter which side of wall I stay, these deep wounds will never faze!

I cry for help, but they don’t hear……..
They're just too far when I thought they were near…….

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