Saturday, October 8, 2011

Life is Short

Life is short and we think that we will be here forever. We worry about the superficial only to lose those precious moments we will never see again.  We underplay. We question- who am I to be talented, creative,  beautiful and stunningly gorgeous? We procrastinate saying those golden words- I love you Mom or I love you Dad…..I miss you friend…because we assume there is always tomorrow! We pick up a book and leave it unfinished and we never show up at that dance lesson we signed up for. We avoid making that phone call to an old high school friend. We always have an excuse.  We go to church today and ignore the homeless hungry we see on the roadside next day. We fear..oh dear.. we fear ! Taking risk. Because the risk of getting out of a crappy job and a bad relationship could be huge, right ??? We don’t aim high and reach far enough coz we worry we will fail. We worry… oh boy… we worry ! About the IRS tax return and the delayed pay cheque, the scratch on the shiny car and the Index on the share market, the bible and the holy Kuran, the Hindus and the Muslims, the Catholics and the Protestants, budgets, rising taxes and housing prices. We worry !! We postpone the ‘trip of a lifetime’ , because we all assume we have another year. We postpone fighting back, for whatever happens, happens for the best, and we move on !!! Right ???

What are we postponing, happiness???

Whatever you have to do, do it here and do it now! It may be too late to do it tomorrow, which may never come. Pursue that dream and live it with all your passion! Quit your job and book that plane ticket. Your job can wait and your kids can come along. You can always find a friend to watch your dog or take care of your cat and check your mails. That football match and the flat screen TV aren’t going anywhere. If you think life is tough, get a helmet. Face your fears and call them stepping stones.   Limits are where you set them, strech. Give every opportunity a chance and leave no room for regrets. Anger is aweful, trash it. Laughter is contagious, spread it. Never too late to apologize, do it. Put mind over matters and humility over ambition. Love is precious, don't let go. Hug with compassion and dance as if it were your last time. Cherish memories and make that phone call. Stop postponing and start living. It won’t be easy but I promise it will be worth your while.

This is your life and its short, live it-love it !

Abhishek Anchliya

My 75 for a Great Life !!!

 1) Smile , it makes a difference
 2) Discuss ideas, not people
 3) Get super-fit, health is wealth
 4) Listen more
 5) Have 3 great friends
 6) Call an old friend
 7) Be honest
 8) Travel more
 9)  Believe this world is a jungle and you are an explorer
10) Read books
11) Dream, Dream and Dream
12) Be a part of the solution
13) Hi5! a stranger
14) Be a hero to someone
15) Have someone as your hero
16) Own your possessions and not the other way around
17) Climb a mountain
18) Walk in the woods
19) Eat less, sleep well and drink plenty water
20) Volunteer for a good cause
21) Write thankyou letters
22) Limits are where we set them, strech !!!
23) Help at least one person everyday
24) Write poems
25) Spend at least 1 year of your life in a developing country
26) Be passionate
27) Listen to your critics
28) Put 'Mind over Matters' and 'Humility over Ambition'
29) Strive for excellence, say no to mediocrity
30) Remember people’s names
31) Know Your Strengths
32) Be humble
33) Spend time in art museums
34) Tip waiters well
35) Praise others
36) Cook someone else a great meal !!
37) Fall in love once
38) Call your parents at least once a week
39) Learn how to say “No Thanks”
40) Dance
41) Clean your house
42) Get completely drenched in the rain
43) Listen to Steve Job’s Speech on Youtube !
44) Run behind excellence, not money
45) Share your dreams
46) Keep promises
47) Words can make or mar- Use them wisely !
48) Make a things to do list
49) Know your weaknesses
50) Innovate
51) Be a good leader and a great teammate
52) Take one deep breath everyday
53) ‘Laugh’ till it hurts
54) Tell a secret
55) Paint a wall
56) Take a risk
57) Try something that scares you
58) Challenge conventionalism
59) Clean up your mess
60) Watch theatres
61) Eat less junk
62) Learn to accept mistakes
63) Start your own business
64) Learn a new language
65) Wake up early
66) Donate your old clothes
67) Work Hard
68) Find reasons to love your life
69) Take pictures
70) Plant a tree
71) Move to another country
72) Trust your guts
73) Tell someone a joke
74) Create a scene
75) LIVE TODAY !!!!!

Abhishek Anchliya

Losing Myself

Running through the hallowed halls of this house, I hear no sound
I search for hope, amidst a million desires drowned
Tainted spirit and scathed soul, emptiness surround
It’s time to lose myself as the jagged darkness pound
For if I don’t lose myself, there is a chance I may never be found !

Deep inside of my universe, tumbles a deafening silence
This internal diabolical masquerade is becoming a violence
Something holy and sanctified has been tainted and defiled, enough of temperance
To lose myself, I kneel at the altar of reason, seeking vengeance
For if I don’t lose myself, these suffocating dreams are worth sixpence !

There's more than one answer to these questions
I am scared of getting in touch with my emotions
Lose yourself, burn memory stains, axe all notions
Go wild, burn bridges, commit transgressions
For if I don’t lose myself, I cannot discover new oceans !

It’s time to take my life off the shelf
All wonders I seek lies within myself

For I don’t want my tombstone to read "Here lays a man who gave up on his dreams”

If I don’t lose myself, there is a chance I may never be found….
Never be found……
Never be found…..
By- Abhishek Anchliya

Children of a Lesser God

Watching from my precipice, I stand aghast and horrified
Plagued by the suffering, her tears have petrified
Call her child of misery, what rules of ‘thou’ did she not abide
Great art thou they say, since when did he start this business of rawhide
O’ Children of a lesser god………the pain in your soul disguised!

A deafening silence tumbles through my mind
As I observe this graveyard of humankind
Ode to those hopeless eyes and a fainting heartbeat as time unwind
As your feeble hands implore for aid, the world stands purblind
O’ Children of a lesser god………hold on to life as starvation grinds!

Thousands like you died the Friday night of royal-wedding delight
Lay your head and survive the blight, we can’t do much until the war-on-terror is bona-fide
We need to deploy men-in-gray along the dark borders, alright
Mars! Mars, finding water on mars, sure we’ve got our priorities right

Oh what a wonderful life, as I ride in my convertible with a sun so bright
Off I go to a bar I know and ask for a miller-lite, dance until midnight
O’ Children of a lesser god………I’ve got bigger battles to fight!

I’ve got bigger battles to fight……
I’ve got bigger battles to fight……

By-Abhishek Anchliya
Dedicated to the 15 children that died of Hunger in the last one minute you took to read this poem!!


Thought I was rolling beyond the sunshine
Thought life will turn out the way I define
Standing alone I try to understand these thoughts of mine
And I don’t….I dont question why, because the answers I won’t find

Standing tall amidst broken lives
I see how emptiness jives
Lacerated, worn out and battered but life still strives
And I don’t….I don’t reason why, because forever faith survives

Running comes the life, seeking refuge from the storm
Full of anger and full of fear, hope conform
Undetermined in the great void, mind transform
And I don’t….I dont argue why, because emptiness is the norm

By-Abhishek Anchliya
Dedicated to Japan Earthquake Victims