Saturday, October 8, 2011

Life is Short

Life is short and we think that we will be here forever. We worry about the superficial only to lose those precious moments we will never see again.  We underplay. We question- who am I to be talented, creative,  beautiful and stunningly gorgeous? We procrastinate saying those golden words- I love you Mom or I love you Dad…..I miss you friend…because we assume there is always tomorrow! We pick up a book and leave it unfinished and we never show up at that dance lesson we signed up for. We avoid making that phone call to an old high school friend. We always have an excuse.  We go to church today and ignore the homeless hungry we see on the roadside next day. We fear..oh dear.. we fear ! Taking risk. Because the risk of getting out of a crappy job and a bad relationship could be huge, right ??? We don’t aim high and reach far enough coz we worry we will fail. We worry… oh boy… we worry ! About the IRS tax return and the delayed pay cheque, the scratch on the shiny car and the Index on the share market, the bible and the holy Kuran, the Hindus and the Muslims, the Catholics and the Protestants, budgets, rising taxes and housing prices. We worry !! We postpone the ‘trip of a lifetime’ , because we all assume we have another year. We postpone fighting back, for whatever happens, happens for the best, and we move on !!! Right ???

What are we postponing, happiness???

Whatever you have to do, do it here and do it now! It may be too late to do it tomorrow, which may never come. Pursue that dream and live it with all your passion! Quit your job and book that plane ticket. Your job can wait and your kids can come along. You can always find a friend to watch your dog or take care of your cat and check your mails. That football match and the flat screen TV aren’t going anywhere. If you think life is tough, get a helmet. Face your fears and call them stepping stones.   Limits are where you set them, strech. Give every opportunity a chance and leave no room for regrets. Anger is aweful, trash it. Laughter is contagious, spread it. Never too late to apologize, do it. Put mind over matters and humility over ambition. Love is precious, don't let go. Hug with compassion and dance as if it were your last time. Cherish memories and make that phone call. Stop postponing and start living. It won’t be easy but I promise it will be worth your while.

This is your life and its short, live it-love it !

Abhishek Anchliya

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  1. Give cogent ways to do the things suggested. How can people break away from mediocrity?