Saturday, October 8, 2011

Children of a Lesser God

Watching from my precipice, I stand aghast and horrified
Plagued by the suffering, her tears have petrified
Call her child of misery, what rules of ‘thou’ did she not abide
Great art thou they say, since when did he start this business of rawhide
O’ Children of a lesser god………the pain in your soul disguised!

A deafening silence tumbles through my mind
As I observe this graveyard of humankind
Ode to those hopeless eyes and a fainting heartbeat as time unwind
As your feeble hands implore for aid, the world stands purblind
O’ Children of a lesser god………hold on to life as starvation grinds!

Thousands like you died the Friday night of royal-wedding delight
Lay your head and survive the blight, we can’t do much until the war-on-terror is bona-fide
We need to deploy men-in-gray along the dark borders, alright
Mars! Mars, finding water on mars, sure we’ve got our priorities right

Oh what a wonderful life, as I ride in my convertible with a sun so bright
Off I go to a bar I know and ask for a miller-lite, dance until midnight
O’ Children of a lesser god………I’ve got bigger battles to fight!

I’ve got bigger battles to fight……
I’ve got bigger battles to fight……

By-Abhishek Anchliya
Dedicated to the 15 children that died of Hunger in the last one minute you took to read this poem!!

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